The governance arrangements of the Local Government Pension Scheme have changed. From 1 April 2015 the LBHF Pension Sub-Committee is assisted in its management of the Hammersmith & Fulham Pension Fund by a Local Pension Board made up from representatives of members and employers of the scheme.

What does the Local Pension Board do?
  • It plays a key advisory role in assisting the LBHF Pension Sub-Committee in managing the pension fund.
  • It scrutinises the performance of the pension administration service.
  • It ensures that the LBHF Pension Sub-Committee is compliant with LGPS and other relevant regulations.
  • It is made up of six members, with equal representation between scheme members and employers.
  • It has regular meetings, at least twice a year
Pensions Board membership:

Cllr Rory Vaughan (Chair)

Cllr Bora Kwon

Member representatives of the Local Pension Board:

Eric Kersey

Orin Miller

Neil Newton

Enquiries to members of the Local Pension Board

Secretary to the Pension Board:

Amrita Gill Contact phone number: 020 8753 2094

Contact email: